Shahid Afridi appeared in West Indies and World XI matches

London: Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi was given a “guard of honor” in the T20 match played at the Lord’s ground on Thursday between the West Indies and World XI. Afridi, who retired from international cricket, led the World XI team in this match. Although his team (World XI) suffered a 72-run defeat in the match, Afridi won the hearts of everyone with his generosity.

Afridi, captain of World XI, who scored 11 runs in his last international innings, donated $ 20,000 on behalf of his foundation in the Hurricane Relief Fund. Apart from this, all the players donated their match fees to charity. This former Pakistani captain Afridi said that he would remember this honor very much. Afridi said, ‘I will never forget it. All this has happened in cricket of maize and it matters a lot. ‘

This match was played in the West Indies for the purpose of raising money to rebuild the stadiums damaged due to the storm last year. During the match, former England captain and commentator Nasser Hussain asked Boom-Boom Afridi if he intended to return to cricket. Nasir Hussain hid his laughter and asked Afridi this question.

In response to this question, Afridi said, ‘No, it is very much now. You can see my condition due to frequent injuries. ‘ It is noteworthy that Afridi, who was very popular in world cricket due to his stormy batting, scored 11, 196 runs in International Cricket and took 541 wickets.

Afridi got an opportunity to captain the World XI in this match due to the withdrawal of the name of England’s Eoin Morgan injury. However, Afridi could not make the match memorable with his performance. He got a wicket in the match, while in batting he could only give the team 11 runs.