Leeds Test:Live Cricket Score, England vs Pakistan,Pakistan’s first innings, 174 runs all out

Leeds Test: Pakistan’s first innings, 174 runs, all overwhelmingly fortunate. In the first day of the second match of the two-match Test match between England and Pakistan, Pakistan won the toss and made 174 in the first innings.

Pakistan started batting but was facing difficulties from the beginning and the entire team got out on the 174 score. From now on, Pakistan made 156 runs, but reaching here reached 9 p.m. and reached Pelin.

After Lunch, captain Sarfraz Ahmed and the new player Usman Salahuddin went out on top. Fahim Ashraf also got out on the 79-run but Shadab and Amir followed the batting line and scored 113 runs.

On 113, Amir scored 13 runs and Anderson’s got out on the ball. After this, Hassan Ali took 24 runs out with 5 squares while batting in an aggressive manner. The last outfit was Shadab, who made 56 runs.

Shortly before Lunch, Asad Shafiq, who was playing 27 runs, sat on the cross-section of Chris Wilkes on the ball.

Earlier, in the second over of the match, Chris Broadcasted the captain of Joe Rot at the Imam ul Haq Third-Slip ball. He did not just start the score. Then Azhar Ali was also targeted by Broad. He only made two runs. Harris Sohail hit the target for 29 runs.

England’s all bowlers are performing a very good ball in this match and swinging the ball on both sides, which makes it difficult to play the Pakistani batsmen.

Earlier Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and decided to bat first. Pakistan has made a change in the Lords Test-playing team for this match and decided to feed Usman Salahuddin, a young batsman instead of Babar Azam.

During the Babar Azam Lords test, Ben Stokes’s ball was stirring his wrist and now he returned home. It is the first test match of Usman Saladin, who is included in the team.

Sam Karan, who is also in the England team, debugs in Test Leeds. In this match, three matches have been made for the match in England, and Chris Vicks and Kateen Jennings are fed apart.

Pakistan has already won an unbeaten lead in the series by defeating England by nine wickets in the Test match played in England. If Pakistan succeeded in wicketing England too, it would win its Test series against England almost 20 years and he will get the fifth position in ranking the World Cricket Council.

Pakistan Squad

Pakistan: Azhar Ali, Imam ul Haq, Harris Sohail, Asad Shafiq, Usman Salahuddin, Sarfraz Ahmed, Shadab Khan, Fahim Ashraf, Mohammad Amir, Hassan Ali, Muhammad Abbas

England Squad

England: Easter Cook, Kateen Jennings, Joe Root, David Mullan, Junie Barristo, Sam Kirin, Josh Butler, Dominican Base, Chris Woox, Chris Broad, James Anderson