After the departure of De Villiers, the South African legend said, this country will win the World Cup

Recently, South African legend AB de Villiers took retirement from all forms of international cricket, it was believed that the South African cricket team has now become weak. It is difficult for everyone to believe that the South African team will now be able to win the ICC World Cup in 2019.

Former South African great Alan Donald also feels the same. Donald has gone further beyond his estimate, expressing his estimate of who will be the world champion of this time.

Former fast bowler feels that the retirement of AB de Villiers has made the prospects of winning the South Africa World Cup. He said, “We have recently lost our most important De Villiers, South Africa has always been challenging for other teams and they can reach the title near the title, it is not like we can not win the title, but Abraham’s departure is for us. There is a major disadvantage. ”

Donald believes that host England is the strongest contender for the title in Cricket World Cup next year. Sky Sports quoted Donald, “If they have the chance to win this title for the first time, then definitely it is now.” He said that the English team playing aggressive cricket under captain Ian Morgan would benefit from their domestic conditions.

Donald said, “The England team I have seen now is completely different, I have never thought that the team would reach this level, but I have something special that I like.”

There is no team yet strong contender

In this World Cup, no team is in the position of being the sole or the largest contender. Well, there is still a lot of time to decide as the World Cup will start from now about 12 months from now. At the same time, there will be considerable ups and downs in the performance of the players of the teams. Australia is the defending champion this time, but its ODI team is not as strong anymore. He had to face England 4-1 in the England ODI series just after the Ashes.

After this, he got a shock from the ball tempering controversy, which would take time to recover. But it is certain that even before the World Cup begins, there will be no edge in this team, which was in the 2015 team. One reason for this is that in the 2015 Australia team, the level and level of legends that will be in this team will not be there.

India and New Zealand are also in the race

In addition to Australia, New Zealand and India can be considered as teams of collision this time, but Kaphi will also depend on the performance of some of these teams. Both teams are very strong but there is no one in the position to claim that they will be able to perform well in England’s conditions.

There are teams like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, and even the worst form of the West Indies, who are still not in a position to make a claim, but it is certain that these teams are less in the ability to spoil any other team. Are not there. It may be that the equation in the World Cup is such that some of these teams will make a place in the final.

Apart from this, Bangladesh and Afghanistan can not even claim to go to the final but it is definitely certain they will set the problems for the other teams. This time the World Cup program is such that everyone team has to play a match with the other nine teams and after that, the top four teams will be able to reach the semi-finals.