Pakistan Hockey team has been for the Champions Trophy hockey tournament

The first 22-member squad of the Pakistan Hockey team has been announced for the Champions Trophy hockey tournament, in which Rizwan will lead the national squad in the senior event, while Umad Shakeel Butt will be the vice-captain, the final 18-member squad declared before the trophy.

What will happen The selected 22 players will participate in the third phase of the training in Holland, three players participating in Commonwealth Games, Faisal Qader, Trimm-ul-Hasan and Atiq Arshad have been dropped from the team.

The selection committee of the selection committee, Olympian Rukhuddin, head of the selection committee, announced the end of one-day trials at Abdul Satar Edhi Hockey Stadium, on the occasion, the national team manager Olympian Hassan Sardar was also present. Imran Butt, Mazharabbas, Amjad Ali (Round Keepers), Irfan Senior, Publisher, Alam Bilal, Umad Shakeel Butt, Authentic Arshad, Rashid Ali, Fantasy Abbas, Rizwan Junior, Abu Bakr, Irfan Junior, Arsalan Jahad, Umar Bhatta, Rizwan Senior, Shafqat Rasool, Ali Shan, Azfar Yaqûb, Ejaz Ali, Rana Sohail and Mohammad Dilbar.

The selection committee headed by Olympic Reformuddin said that the selected players have been made part of the team based on their eligibility and performance, hopefully, they will succeed in fulfilling the expectations when the Drop Team doors are not closed for those players, they can work hard to the re-squad squad.

Reformed in said the national team for the Champions Trophy will leave Sunday to Holland, training camp will continue till the team’s departure.

On this occasion, national team manager Olympian Hassan Sardar said, “It is a pleasure that the fitness level of the players has improved significantly,” he said. The rival in the event’s opening match has the ability to defeat India.

The FI Challenges Trophy will be played on 23rd June in the Bredda City of Holland, the final is scheduled on July 1st, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, India, and Holland will also be in the event, the opening match between Pakistan and India Will be played on 24th June.