French Open: Serena Williams, playing Black Catsuit, Czech Republic’s Cristina Pliskova

French Open: Serena Williams, playing Black Catsuit, forced to wear this suit due to. America’s veteran tennis player and former number one Serena Williams has easily crossed the first round of the French Open Grand Slam of the year.

Serena is playing her first Grand Slam after being a mother in September last year. He made his way into the second round of the tournament by defeating the Czech Republic’s Cristina Pliskova. During this match, fashionable Serena was the center of attraction for everyone due to her special black catsuit.

After the match, he said that wearing a black catsuit, he is feeling like a superhero himself. There was also a special reason for wearing Serena’s ‘suit’. What was the reason that they had to wear this suit and play it, Serena told after the match?

According to the BBC report, Serena has health reasons for wearing this black suit. They say that after the daughter’s birth in September last year she started having problems with blood clots.

He is wearing this type of suit so that blood can flow properly into his body. In Paris, the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, but despite 23 grand slam winners, Serena defeated the Czech Republic’s Kristina Pilisova in the next round.

After the match, Serena said, “I feel like a warrior wearing the black catsuit and like the queen of Wakanda (Black Panther is the name of the character of the film.). I felt comfortable in it. ‘ Serena said, “I always used to live in the dream world and wanted to be a superhero. It’s a way to become my superhero. It’s a good suit, but it’s helpful for me. I am struggling with the problem and in this suit, I am able to play without any problem.