Football: Lionel Messi smashes tainted hat-trick, Argentina win 4-0

Lionel Messi made his hat-trick in the Friendship Football match against Haiti here last night, presenting his fantastic form before the FIFA World Cup. Thanks to his strong performance, Argentina won the match by a margin of 4-0. Messi scored a penalty in the 17th minute in front of almost 55 thousand viewers.

Argentina scored three goals within ten minutes in the second half, two goals from the name of charismatic footballer Messi. He scored the second goal in the 58th minute and then completed the hat-trick in the 66th minute. In this way, he has scored 64 goals for his national team, which is a new record. Two minutes after Messi’s hat-trick, Sergio Aguero scored the fourth goal for the team.

Significantly, there will be a lot of Argentine performance in the FIFA World Cup starting next month, with plenty of Messi Messi. Apart from defending champions Germany, Brazil and Argentina are considered to be the strongest contenders for winning the tournament. Although their team does not consider the strongest contender for victory. He has urged the country’s football lovers to live in reality.

Messi believes that we have to admit that we are not the best team in the world at this time and other teams going to Russia are better than us. Messi said this in the wake of the current Argentine team’s composition.

Messi said in an interview with Argentine Channel 13, “Fans need to understand that we are not going to Russia as the strongest contender of the title but we have a good team of players and we are ready.

Messi was asked if Argentina could win the World Cup, then he said, ‘I have such confidence. I trust this team. “He said,” We have talented and experienced players. ” Despite this, they did not stop adding that we can not send the message that we are the best because this is not true. Messi said that some teams are better than us.