Which of your secret do you know, WhatsApp

Under the given feature, users can ask for their reports from WhatsApp, which will have many important details, including their contacts, profile photos, groups, photos.

Imagine if you come to know that messaging app knows all your secrets. Yes, the popular messaging app WhatsApp knows a lot of your secrets. If you want to know what WhatsApp knows about yourself, now you can easily find it.

WhatsApp is allowing its users to download the data, which is WhatsApp mobiles while using the app. WhatsApp has allowed users to download this data in the direction of the European Union’s new Data Privacy Rules.

After the Cambridge Analyst Scandal, Facebook’s proprietary rights-holder WhatsApp released this update a month before the emergence of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law. Initially, this request account feature was introduced to Beta on Android users only. However, now this update has been brought to the Android devices as well as for all users in iOS Devices.

Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on May 22 had apologized to European Union MPs. Zuckerberg had said that the company did not take enough steps to stop the misuse of the social network. Now what Whatsapp has requested for your account information is very useful for users. Find out how this works in the next slide …

Under this feature, users can ask for their reports from WhatsApp, which has many important details including their contacts, profile photos, groups, photos. However, messages sent to chat will not be available in the report. For this, you have to export your chat history in your e-mail. Learn more about the slides below to get your report from WhatsApp.

To access the Request account info feature you must first open the WhatsApp. Now Android users have to click on the three dots above the right. After this, there will be a click on the settings in the options. As soon as you click on Settings, there will be several options, the first will be the account.

In the account itself, you will get the option of Request account info. By clicking on it you will get your report. You will find this report in 2-3 days. At the same time, iOS users must first click on Bottom Carousel to report.