WWE Superstar John Cena on his Famous Dialogue

In WWE, John Cena won the championship 16 times and ruled the Wrestling World for a decade. Although John Cena is always known by his “You Can not See Me” tune, Cena is believed to be quite known in this dialogue business.

John Cena has ruled WWE for almost 16 years, and he remains a face of the company as well. Even today, John Cena likes everyone in WWE. Regardless of how long time Cena gives in the ring, but when the Cena comes, the passion is seen in the face of the fiance.

Cena is working with WWE as well as in Hollywood. Sina has given many super hit films to the Fans while at the same time, along with Cena, superstars like Batista and The Rock also work in Hollywood.

Cena has played the role of the main event in her career many times, and during her main event, “You Can not Say” is always talking. But John Cena told in his interview that how he made this dialogue while living in his guild. Recently, Cena knocked at Orlando’s Q & A, where she said, “All this gives me superpower for my opponents, I did a lot in my way of working.

But the truth is that I took this from my brother Because he used to do dance well and always told me to do the same dance as well, all of this sounds like u cant like me. I could not dance like that but I thought that I I see but it turns out to be a cante is me but it turns out to be a bit weird ”

Cena was last seen in the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble while his match against Triple H. At the moment, Sina’s Nicky Bulla has broken up to see when Cena returns.