Egypt wants to change history in FIFA World Cup

Egypt’s obsessive country, Egypt has had the opportunity to create history this year. 28 years later, he is entering the FIFA World Cup, starting from June 14 in Russia.

Egypt, who won the title of the African Nations Cup seven times earlier, played only in 1934 and 1990 in the World Cup. Now that he has stepped into the Mahakumbh of football once again after 28 years, eyes have to write a golden day out of the bad and failed past. In the last two World Cups, Egypt did not win a single match.

Under the guidance of manager Hector Koper, this team succeeded in qualifying for the World Cup due to Ghana’s failure. Team Mohammed Advan, the star of the team, convinced the dream of playing in the Egyptian World Cup in the 94th minute against the Congo-Brazzaville in a crucial match.

The World Cup ticket is based on the advice of Egypt. The advice of Lionel Messi’s reputation in his country is the life of the team. But recently the injury in the UEFA Champions League Final troubled Egypt and advice fans. The advice for the English club Liverpool had suffered a shoulder injury in the 25th minute of the match against Real Madrid in the final, and that’s why he went out of the ground.

Advice though said that he will be fit for the World Cup. There are also speculations that the advice may not play the first match of the World Cup against Uruguay on 15 June but after that, they can land on the field. Advice is the strength of the team. There is pressure on the rest of their teams. The advice remains to be the claimant for the team to go to the next round, if the absence of them, the team’s journey seems to have ended in the first round.

The problem and weakness of this team are that after the consultation, Egypt does not have any other player who can take the responsibility of the team and have the purpose of taking the team forward.

Kapoor has strengthened his team with a better strategy. He has tried to create a team that can handle himself in the pressure.

Team goalkeeper for 45 years, Essam Al-Hadri will become the oldest player to play in the World Cup. They will also have a lot of responsibility for the team.

In the midfield for the team, Mohammed Eleni and Abdullah Saeed will have to take great responsibility. Aleni had also been injured a few days ago, but she is recovering faster and seeing this, Kapar will definitely get relief.