Cricket | England captain , Joe Root rejects allegations of Chennai Test match-fixing

The Root has dismissed the allegation of al-Jazeera channel’s decision to fix the Chennai Test in 2016 between India and England in its documentary film. England captain said there is no truth in these things and we have to pay attention to the next Test against Pakistan. The England Cricket Board has also instructed them not to worry about any kind.

After the first Test against Pakistan in Lords, Root said that I came to know that in a documentary film, the Chennai Test has revealed the involvement of three English players in fixing. The England Cricket Board has said to all the players saying that there is no worrying thing. I have been asked to refute these allegations because it sounds a little ridiculous.

Further, the English captain said that we have to do good for the next week as a group of players and that matters should be left on the ICC because that is the same charge.

I believe that there is nothing in it and the ICC will remove it. Apart from them, the England Cricket Board has also said that there is nothing like that which should be suspected of England’s players, the limited information we have received has been discussed with the England players.

It is notable that the Al Jazeera Channel Group had spoken of fixing 10 overs in a single session of India-England Test in Chennai, in its documentary film ‘Cricket Match Fixers‘. Apart from this, the fixing has also been shown in the Test matches played between India and Australia in Ranchi. All allegations have been based on a sting operation, in which the undercover reporter confirms to talk to match-fixers of India. The ICC has asked for facts from Al Jazeera for the investigation of the matter.