IPL Final 2018,Chennai Super Kings, Shane Watson, IPL title for Chennai Super Kings.

Watson’s smokeless bat, Chennai IPL champion. All-rounder of Chennai Super Kings, Shane Watson, has made his team successive in the 11th final of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

In the finals of Mumbai, Vancouver Stadium, Chennai sparks defeated Hyderabad Senator for eight wickets. He completed the target of 179 runs in 18.3 overs. Shane Watson scored 117 balls in 57 balls. This is the third IPL title for Chennai Super Kings.

When Dhoni today won the toss and decided to field first, Hyderabad lost the first loss in the second over of the match when Shrivot Gauswami scored five runs.

The other outgoing player was Dhoni, who scored 26 runs and bowled to Jeddah.

Captain Can Williamson scored 47 runs and stumped Karan Sharma’s ball. The fourth out of the innings was Shakib-ul-Hasan, who made 27 runs. The Deepak made only three runs, while Andrew White was out on the last ball of the innings. He made 21 runs.

Shrimp Shakal Thaker, Longhi Ass, Karan Sharma, Dune Bravo and Raunder Jeddah got one wicket each.

In the IPL 11 group stage, Chennai Super Kings and Sun Riaz Hyderabad both won 14 out of 14 and defeated five. At this stage, the teams started to face two times and both of them was the winner. In the same season, the third match of the two teams came on the match at the ammunition stage, once again the picking was successful.

After the final of the match, Mumbai is the fourth time in IPL tournaments that are in front of Hyderabad and Chennai.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is a pick-up captain who has played IPL for several times and is considered as the most skilled captain of this format.

Captain Hyderabad’s Williamson is the highest-run batsmen in the tournament.