Salman Khan,Loveratri,Race 3,Salman will change his name after the controversy

While Salman Khan is busy promoting his forthcoming film ‘Race 3’, another film of his production ‘Loveratri’ has come under the scourge of controversy. Salman Khan is directing his Jeeja Ayush Sharma in Bollywood, but the film’s title name has been objected to by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

He said that the religious feelings of the Hindus in this film have hurt and Salman Khan has threatened to change the name of the film and said that if the name of the film ‘Luvarrati’ has not been changed, we will go to the court and take it.

Salman has responded with great affection on this and has asked his fans for the name of the film. One of which will be selected and named after the movie. Let me tell you that the film ‘Loveratri’ is currently shooting. Directed by Abraj Meenavala Varuna Hussain is also debuting in Bollywood with Ayush Sharma in this movie.

Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor will be seen in this movie along with them. This is basically a romantic movie on the Gujarati landscape. Which is being released on October 5 this year. Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’ will be released on June 15.