Ronaldo , Mohammad Saleh,Champion league winner The decision will be today, Ronaldo and Mohammad Saleh meditation axis

The champion of European champion, who will be known as the leading English club Liverpool and the honorable Speech Club, Real Madrid, will be today.

According to details, the UEFA Champions League final will be played between Real Madrid and Liverpool today, both sides are expected to compete with a deficit competition.

The Champions League’s thrilling final came, two of the best teams in the world reached the capital of Kiev’s capital for the last tray.

After arriving at Cao, fans received both the teams full of welcome, there are star footballers in both the teams, who have been celebrated themselves in the prestigious soccer, because of which experts are expecting a thrilling competition.

In the semi-final match, the famous Egyptian player of Ronaldo and Liverpool’s real-star player, Mohammad Salman, will be the focus of the meditation, the fans are expecting them to play great.

Liverpool is the only English club to win the Champions League title five times, while Real Madrid has been champions of the Champions Twelve times.

It is expected that thousands of people will see this quadruple match in Stadium, where millions of fans will enjoy the competition.

Remember that Christopher Ronald is called the greatest player of this covenant, which is comparable to only Magician Major, and has named his best English player of Salahuddin and has considered the new face of Islam in the West.