Lort Test, Pakistan Vs England, The third day of Lord test England’s 235

England’s 235 runs at the loss of 6 wickets in their second innings and has won 56 runs in the second innings of the first Test match against England on the historic ground of Lords in London.

England’s batsman, Joe Butler, and Donbasie Cresz are currently on the run and 125 runs have been added.Jonathan scored 66 runs and Don 55 runs at the end of the game.

The Pakistani batsmen did not play England’s top-order and bowled their six wickets at 110. However, Jose Butler and Dawn Base have made half the scenes while offering the best games and England has also given the opportunity to return to this match.

England’s last outgoing player Root who scored 68 runs, was named LBW on Mohammad Abbas’s ball. The outgoing players include Alster Cook, 1, Steinman 9, Joe Route 68, David Mullan 12, Johnny Barstow 0, Ben Stroke 9. Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Abbas, and Shadab Khan have taken two outfits.

The fascinating match of the match came when David Malan was the third player in the same over Mohammad Amir, and on the next ball, wicketkeeper Johnny Bartesto Bold went.

Earlier, Pakistan’s first innings were completed on 363-9 and Pakistan got the lead of 179 runs at the end of the innings.

Remember that due to the injuries of Babar Azam, Pakistan will lose a wicket in this match.

On the previous day, Babar Azam 68 scored an attempt to avoid buns in the innings of Ben Stokes, unable to continue their batting and they had to go out of the field. After the physiotherapist of Pakistan team, Cliff deck on later said, ‘Unfortunately, the fracture has been confirmed in his left wrist in the episode.’ Babar will not be able to play the remaining series against England.

Pakistan scored top scores in the first innings as Babar. Apart from this, Pakistan’s top-order showed great performance. Azhar Ali 50, Asad Shafiq 59, and Shadab Khan made 52 runs.

Earlier, the second day of the test match began, Andy got the second success at the 87-run when Harris scored 39 runs on Sohail Markwood’s ball.

Azhar Ali got the first Test of his 28th Test with the help of six squads.

Asad Shafiq played 59 runs in an innings with six squares and one six and Ben-Stokes’s ball went out in second slip.

Before tea break, Sarfraz Ahmed sat on his wicket while playing an unusual shot. On the stroke ball, Wood took his catch and made 24 runs.

Fahim Ashraf bowled by James Anderson, he scored 37 runs.

Shadab Khan became the third wicket of Ben Stokes by 52 runs, and in the next over, Anderson showed Hassan Ali the path of Pavilion on zero.

By the end of the game on the first day of the test match, Pakistan made 50 runs for a wicket loss.

The only outfit opener was Pakistan’s Imam ul Haq, who could make four runs, and LBW was out on Stewart Broad’s ball.

On the first day of the match, Pakistan performed well against the hostile team and sent England’s strong batting line to the pavilion for just 184.

Mohammad Abbas and Hasan Ali, the most successful bowler from Pakistan, took four, four wickets while Mohammad Amir and Fahim Ashraf took one wicket each.

The Pakistani fielders also took a great catch, which included Asad Shafiq’s second slip and Mohammad Amir’s catch, is especially notable.