Hollywood ,Jennifer Lawrence, disclosure of the actress producer climbed the cloth and stood in line

The disclosure of the actress, the producer climbed the cloth and stood in line. These days women from across the world are keeping open thoughts on the social media about exploitation with the #MeToo.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence also remembered the days of her struggle in the film industry. Jennifer Lawrence, who was awarded the Eli Woman Ceremonies, shared a lot of embarrassing and painful experiences related to the days of her struggle. Giornes has told how a female film producer had set her up with other actresses without clothing and insulted her.

Jennifer Lawrence recalled her initial journey in Hollywood and said that she was working on a film when the producer of the film told her that she would have to lose weight of her 15 pounds in two weeks. Jennifer Lawrence said that later she was removed from the project to not lose weight fast. Recalling this journey, Jenifer said, “At that time a female producer raised me with five other women without clothes, which was very thin from me, we were standing one after another. Our private parts were covered. “

He further said that the same producer told him that he should take inspiration after looking at his nude photographs and should try to lose weight. Jennifer went to the other producer for this insult, but even here she had to listen to insult and shameful words. According to Lawrence, “The producer told me not to know why people say you are fat, I think your body is fit.” After this, the producer made an embarrassing comment about his body.

According to Jennifer, at that time she felt helpless and helpless. Jennifer explains that behind what I let myself do, I felt that I would have to do this to make my career.

However, Jennifer Lawrence now wants to change things. In this regard, he said, “We will not allow such dangerous situations to become normal. We will change this story and for every person who is struggling to fulfill his dream, he will try to change the situation. “