Facebook | Mark Zuckerberg | Facebook CEO spoke 9 times in 12 years, ‘Sorry’, know what’s the reason

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologized to European Union MPs for failing to stop the misuse of the social network. Know what is the reason for apologizing again and again

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologized to European Union MPs for failing to stop the misuse of the social network. The matter is related to the data leak of 8.7 million Facebook users, which was used by Cambridge Analyst for its own benefit. The Facebook installer has so far apologized for the data leak itself. He has apologized for 9th in 12 years.

1st September 2006: Twitter was about to launch. During that time Facebook came with ‘News Feeds’ feature. In this feature, the story constantly updates on the user’s homepage. Within two years of coming into existence of Facebook, users called this feature an intrusion into their privacy. Then Zuckerberg had apologized.

2-December 2007: After this, Zuckerberg had to apologize when the user was starting to tell Facebook what new stuff his friend bought. In fact, Zuckerberg started the feature called ‘Beacon’. It used to go online for more information about the online purchase from any other website.

May 3-May 2010: The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Facebook is giving user data advertisements to companies. It included the user’s name and other personal information. This was when Facebook promised the user that he would not share any data without his approval. Then Zuckerberg said that we failed to follow the norms.

4-November 2011: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that Facebook claims that the third party application can only get the data needed, it turned out to be incorrect. FTC said that the third party app removes all personal data from the user.

5-September 2017: In November 2016, Zuckerberg had said that it is the crazy idea to talk about the impact of the US presidential elections on the Facebook platform. According to the news published in The Times of India, a year after Facebook’s CEO had apologized to the statement.

6-October 2017: There was no controversy this time, but Zuckerberg apologized to those whose feelings were inadvertently hurt.

7-March 2018: This year the case of data leaking to Cambridge analytics was revealed. Zuckerberg said that it is to break the trust and apologize.

8-April 2018: apologized to the US Congress on the data leak.

9-May 2018: In addition to EU Parliament, pray forgiveness on data leak.