Liverpool’s ,Real Madrid,Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Mohd’s advice’ is on this record.

Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. says he is a completely different player than Liverpool’s rising player Mohammed Advice. According to the report, Ronaldo said this before the Champions League final on Saturday. On Friday this week, the Champions League Final will be played between Liverpool and Real Club, in which Real will try to win the third league title.

Overall, Ronaldo has accepted Mohammed Advani as a player in a very positive way as a player. Also, Ronaldo has also said that he will be able to overtake Salah in the case of total goals.

Portugal team captain Ronaldo said, “People are comparing me with other players, I’m completely different from everyone, the advice is different from other players, so my advice is very different from each other.”

Ronaldo Said that he plays with the left foot and I play with the right leg, I am a little tall and he is a little bit taller, I play with the head, we both are very different. That their season has been fantastic and will be seen on Saturday.