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According to Wrestling Observer Live reports, this year, Brock Lesnar is not going to fight the match this summer. It is said that perhaps Lesnar fought in the month of July but there is no match for them till SummerSlam. SummerSlam is due in August, in which it is expected that Lesnar will lose his Universal title.

In the WWE, the fight against the top star Roman Rance is running against the Indian superstar Jindar Mahal. These two superstars will be in the next month’s PPV Money in the Bank. At the moment, Zinder is going to fight against Sath Rolins for the Intercontinental Championship in Raw next week. First of all, Jindar Mahal has asked the Roman Rena to be careful about saying the Famous Bollywood Dialogue.

After winning a title in the WWE, only it is thought that for how long he will keep this title. Just like CM Punk has kept the title for 434 days, some superstars have been losing too quickly. The first Universal Champion Finn Buller held the title for just one day.

Brock Lesnar captured the Universal Championship by defeating Goldberg in WrestleMania 33. Since then, Lesnar has not lost any title in WWE. Many big superstars tried to get the title in front of Lesnar but the victory was brock all the time. For more than a year, Lesnar has kept the title with him and he is now close to the record of former champion CM Punk, who will easily break.

Talked about the WWE round and discussed in the locker room too.

McIntyre explained how there is now a lack of spark in the wrestlers, which used to be the first. Released from WWE in 2014, McIntyre returned to NXT in April 2017.

On being out of WWE, he fought for Impact Wrestling, ICW and Evolve in the name of Drew Galloway.

Upon returning to the WWE, he did a good job with Yellow Brand, but he lost his title to the NXT TakeOver: WarGames in November 2017 at the hands of Andrade Almas.

Brock Lesnar, who worked in the UFC, is not being scheduled for any live event, on the other hand, Ronda Rousseau, who won the title in the UFC, is working on live events, and now Ronda has been awarded the WWE by Japan in August in Osaka Advertised for live events happening in

Brock Lesnar has set a record for holding the Universal Championship for the longest time. They have these titles for 416 days. WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dune is on second place. And he is not happy with that. It means that their eyes are now on the title of Lesnar.