New Zealand,Pakistan,Kiwi player visits Pakistan, Hausington, 15 days in the cricketer association:

The New Zealand team has played a series of three Test matches, one-day win and Twenty20 matches in the UAE in October, with PCB, invited Kiwi to play two Twenty20 matches in Pakistan. The New Zealand Cricket Board is not only considering it, but it has retained Regarding Dickson’s review of the security situation.

It is now known that the KV Player has expressed concern over the tour. Which has threatened to reduce the chance of Pakistan’s tour after 15 years of the New Zealand team? The New Zealand Cricket Board is currently waiting for security reports, the final decision is expected in 15 days.

Both Chief Executive David White and Cricket Player Association Bass Heath Mills have confirmed that the tourists have expressed concern over the tour, but the board has made it clear to make any decision They are looking at things with an open mind.

Mills say that players are disappointed about the tour of Pakistan, not all are against this tour, some players say that there is no objection if security clearance is found, while others say that we are Dubai I cannot stop it. It is clear that if the. New Zealand team is pleased on the tour, they will return two games by two Twenty20 matches in the next two days.

Sources have clarified that if half of the players refuse to tour Pakistan, then New Zealand will not send its weak team. The batting coach Kraig McMillan is likely to go on the tour because he was in the 2002 team, which was bomb blasted in front of the hotel in Karachi.

New Zealand’s Mark Collins is currently the coach of the Pakistan Women’s Team, he says, I do not have any security problem during the staying in Pakistan, if the KV team is pleased with this tour, it is very beneficial for Pakistan cricket. Will be.