ICC |Cricket, This tight step was taken by ICC to stop corruption in cricket

Dubai: Corruption in cricket has become very deep in the last few years. In the IPL, two teams have been banned on match-fixing cases, although the teams have now returned to the IPL. But the International Cricket Council (ICC) is committed to ending corruption from the game. While taking the next step, the ICC has banned the use of communication equipment, especially ‘smart watch’ at the time of play and at the dressing room at the players’ and officials.

The ICC confirmed that the player will not be allowed to wear ‘smart watch’ infield and field for the PMO under the Field Officers’ Field (PMOA) guidelines. The ICC said in the release, “PMOs will stop communication equipment and no player will be allowed to keep or use communication equipment in such a way that is connected to the Internet.”

The game’s operating institute said, “SmartWatch, which can receive communication from the phone or Wi-Fi or any device, will not be allowed to be used. Therefore, we will remind all the players that when they enter the field on the day of the match, such devices should be handed over to their mobile. ”

This step has been taken after one day to prevent Pakistani players from wearing Smart Wear during the first Test at Lords to avoid any allegations of match-fixing. The ICC allowed the player to take any communication device on the field And this thing also applies in the dressing room. Officers are given special equipment for use so that they can communicate with their partners.

It can be mentioned here that in the TV cameras, Indian captain Virat Kohli was seen talking during an international match against New Zealand in November last year while talking in a talkie about a walkie-talkie.

It is notable that the match-fixing and spot-fixing scandal that has suffered on cricket has also suffered a great deal of damage to ICC’s credentials including cricket. Two years ago, the ICC has admitted that corrupt players are now focusing on spot-fixing rather than fixing the whole match. Rooney Flanagan, the then head of the ICC Anti Corruption Unit, told that the corrupt people were not only watching the bowlers but also the batsmen.

Fixing of many serious cases at international level

Apart from this, in December last year, the British table, ‘The Sun’ had said in the sting operation that the speculators of India had offered intelligence reports to the news session to sell information related to spot-fixing between Australia and England. This match was played in Perth from December 14 to 18. However, nothing was found in the investigation. Many times such cases have come to light that spot-fixing and match-fixing are deep-rooted in India and Pakistan. India’s S Sreesanth is fighting a court battle the ban on spot-fixing. There is a five-year ban on spot-fixing in Pakistan’s Mohammad Aamir and Salman Butt.