Hockey,Asian Games,The plan was set up for Asian Games after the Champions trophy.

The number of Pakistani sports organizations, including football, racing, is focused on Asian games in the capital of Indonesia, this year. The Pakistan Sports Board has not started a full-fledged campus for the preparation of players, but organizations are engaged in special exercises for players on their own. The Pakistan Football Team’s camp is also launching its support under you from May 25 in Lahore.

Remember that Asian Games will start from August 18 and continue to be held in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta until September 2, in Asian event, thousands of Asian countries in the Asian event will appear in the event of 402 games of 40 games.

After the other international federations, Pakistan Hockey Federation has also come to the field and has started taking steps to prepare for Asian games following the FIF Champions Trophy in the Netherlands next month.

According to sources, Pakistan team will visit Malaysia before becoming part of the Asian Games and will participate in the series of 3 matches against the host side.

According to the sources, PHF officials believe that Malaysia’s hockey team is aiming to grow rapidly, most of the national team’s players appear to be playing hockey leagues in Mahatir’s descent, so the tour is due to green Shirts will definitely benefit.

It is learned that team management has already been convinced by players that players who perform unusual games in the Champions Trophy will be able to maintain their place for Asian Games.

A Pakistani hockey Federation official said that Pakistan Hockey team could not even participate in the 2016 Olympics Games, taking 20-20 Olympics every step to ensure participation in the national team. Australian trainer services have also been obtained after foreign coach Rawalpindi, officials said that during the camp in Holland, Goalkeeper and Penalty Corner Specialist coach will also be provided services.

According to the Federation official, Asian Games are also very important for us as well if green shirts will be able to qualify for the Olympics in the event of occupying the first position in this event.