Google | Email,Lack of space happening in Google Drive? How to empty out

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that Google offers to all its groups. Whenever we create a new Google Account, we get 15 GB of free storage. This space is for both Gmail and Google Photos. So if you are using your Gmail account as a primary email, then the 15 GB free space available to you may end soon. After this, you will either need to buy more space from Google or you will have to vacate your existing space.

If you think that the files present in your account are very important, then buying more space for you is a better option. You have to spend money for this. Google keeps changing the amount set for it from time to time. You will find the details of it on Google’s official website. If you want to avoid spending money, you can clear the current space in Google Drive.

Let’s know what is the solution with which you can clear Google Drive space.

Step 1: Open Google Drive on your Android smartphone.

Step 2: Open the navigation panel by tapping on the three points at the top right and choose the setting option.

Step 3: Here you will see a cache option. Cache is a kind of non-essential file. Tap on ‘Clear Cash’ option here.

This will freeze the space in your drive. For further set limits of the size of the cache so that this space will not be used further.

Step 4: Now come out of the drive and once again open Google Drive.

Step 5: Now select the files you do not need. To do this, tap long on the screen, then select a file and then select from the rest with the normal tap.

Step 6: Tap on the icon that looks like dustbins on the top. Then you will be asked if you want to delete these files? Tap on ‘Yes’ here.

Step 7: Select the unwanted emails on your Gmail account and delete it by tapping on the icon that looks like dustbins. Repeat with this same process in other tabs of Gmail account.

Step 8: Go to the Trash folder and select the files and delete them.

Step 9: Select unwanted photos on Google Photos and delete them by tapping on the icon that looks like dustbins. This also leaves the space of your Google Drive empty.

Most people use Gmail to send email worldwide. Now, after a long time, Google has completely changed the Gmail service for its users. The search giant has issued a new update with which many new features have come in the email service. With new features, Gmail will now offer a more secure, competent, and better user experience.

It is very important that you keep deleting non-essential files, emails, photos, attachments etc. from time to time. This allows you to empty your space in Google Drive and keep your current data safe.