Pakistan Hockey,Mansoor Ahmed, Another hockey star hooked starvation

Mansoor Ahmed; Another hockey star hooked starvation and hockey teams of the Netherlands and Holland are facing each other in the World Cup 1994 final, Sydney is full of turtles from ground flights, both sides are full of an edge over each other. However, due to a strong deficit of the two teams, the competition on a fixed time is equal to 1-1g, after this situation, both teams decide to give five, five-pin strokes.

Shahbaz Ahmed Senior and Shahbaz Junior are successful in Pakistan’s way of being successful by the Pakistan side, but the prestigious Penalty Corner specialist boulder throws his second team out of the bowl stroke pool due to which Psychology of a Goal, However, Tahir Zaman and Muhammad Usman also score the ball by scoring the ball in the score post 4-3, Pakistan’s last five-stroke strokes Mohammad, but in a hurry, the ball is bowled with turtle speed. The Dutch round keeps off.

The Netherlands team is able to score the last five-yearly strokes, the match gets equal to 4-4 goals, and the Pakistani team gets a gold medal when it becomes a global champion. The Pakistani goalkeeper of Jeremy Delimi’s Holland on this critical occasion After finishing the Penalty stroke, make the green shirts again as a global champion, after the big victory, the celebration is fine in the ground, the players take that round keeper on their shoulder and pay off the five out of five pinch strokes. Give a break He was the Goalkeeper Mansoor Ahmed, who played the role of making Pakistan Hockey team for the fourth time in the World Cup.

Mansoor Ahmed, who is no longer in us and competing with poverty, illness and expensive treatment, creators get genuine from the age of 49, yes, that Mansoor Ahmed who has played Pakistan with the World Cup in Holland in Lahore.

Nazpalty Corner has also played a decisive role in spelling the championship trophy by turning the specialist builder to the goal, Mansoor Ahmed who represented Pakistan in 338 international matches and in 1992, the part of the Pakistan team who won the Bronze medal in the Barcelona Olympics. Stay there.

That’s exactly why many players before the Atlantic Olympics 1996 before rebel against the Pakistan Hockey Federation, the responsibility of team leadership was handed over to them in the difficult times, and Mansoor Ahmed, who served as the Government of Pakistan to serve as a hockey game. Was awarded the presidential award in 1988 and was awarded the Pakistan Pioneer Civil Award Pioneer of Performances in 1994.

Mansoor Ahmed stopped several pinch strokes and softened his random bangs but his own heartbeat on May 12 itself. A memorable chapter of Pakistan hockey goal capping ended. It was famous about Mansoor Ahmad that he was a cheerful goalkeeper who used to play eyes in the eyes of Rival Forwards. While controlling his nerves, he used to look at the ball and it was not easy to tackle forwards. Was it

Mansoor was the fan of the game of Mansoor due to his unusual game, there was a lot of fans around the world, Mansoor was the fan of the game, but his first official meeting was held in the National Hockey Stadium Lahore a few years back, for the first time in the history of the World Cup. Following the Olympics 2016 race, Muhammad Akhtar Thakum and Mansoor Ahmed-based Factor and Founding Committee were formed by PHF officials, with regard to the Rakim Sports Journalist, it appeared before the committee and reasons for failure. What about your eyewitness, this meeting later changed into a deep friendship and this series Continued until the last breath.

Mansoor Ahmed spent the last days of his life in major trouble, heart disease followed him so that he could not succeed in getting rid of it. No one could even imagine that he would be saved in the same place. It is a tremendous truth and bitter truth that nobody has done anything seriously on the basis of former Goalkeeper’s disease, all attempts are to be limited only to empty claims and media limits, sometimes Mansoor is treated with a Pakistani-American doctor.

The gospel was heard and it was told that the Chinese specialist will treat the doctor, sometimes the star player will be treated. Kashm Mansoor would be made to earn wealth instead of the homeland, Kashm Mansoor Ahmed had decided to become a politician, social leader, industrialist, or bureaucrat rather than becoming a hockey player, even if he had any of the worlds The country would have been living as normal humans after the most expensive treatment.

Hockey is said that this game puts most of the medals in the swing of Pakistan and it is true, hockey was the game that played the best performance of the players associated with the world, the world of Pakistani players The unusual game was not used to praising unusual sports and brutally said that if Pakistan is hockey, go to Pakistan, 4 times the World Cup champions, 3 times Olympics champions, Champions Trophy 3, Sultan Adnan Shah Cup 3, Asian Champion Trophy 2, Asia Cup 3, Asian Games 8 and 3 times South Asian Games is not a winner.

Of course, this record is also rational and worthy of appreciation, seeing these great achievements, teams coming from our hockey team had already acknowledged the defeat already, it was the patriotic people like Mansoor Ahmad. That country