Nupur Sena,Kirti Senan,This is one of the things Nitya’s sister Nupur Sanyan does not answer!

It is not known whether the master Sister’s sister Nupur will come to the movies or not, but it is definitely very popular that due to its fashion sense.

New Delhi: Nupur Sena, sister of Bollywood actress Kirti Senan has not announced yet to come in the movies, but still people have started to know him slowly. On the Instagram, with his millions of fellows and sister works, his own fan has become follow-up due to the photographs. Though Nupur knows people because of his sister’s work, because of his style senses, he is quite famous too. His style is quite ethnic while being a chick. It seems that they like the Indo-Western style. It is clear that Nupur knows how to make a noise because of his fashion.

Here we are telling you in the vicinity of Nupur Sanya’s Lux, which are our favorites.
Recently, Nupur was seen in Juhu with kurtas and jeans. Although earlier too many people have worn it. But Nupur has done something different here too. They wore knees from the knees down to jeans with wide seal.

Check out this photo now. Here, Nupur is wearing the denim jacket with the orange color maxi dress. Here, Nupur wore off-white lanja skirt with the Queen color banarasi blouse. But the special thing is his nostril who is putting his face on his entire style.

In this Patiala Salwar suit, Nupur has done complete justice with Indian Summer Look. The scarf is the best thing to do for Goto and Sequin. Wow, I have to admit that Nupur’s squash is very good.

The combination of plain pants and printed shirts are considered to be the best. But Nupur has given a tremendous twist to this combination by wearing the printed tunic with oversized Pulaju pants. This style is perfect for the summer, and if you want to look different in the crowd, it will also work for you.

Now, look at the young elephantry lingerie of Tahliani, which Nupur was worn in February. However, we would just say that Nupur Senan will not come in films or not, but it is definitely not that he is getting very popular because of his fashion sense.