AB de Villiers, known as Mr. 360,Those false liars related to the Devilliers, which people often consider to be true

South Africa’s great batsman AB de Villiers has retired from international cricket on Wednesday. In 14 years of career, AB achieved many accomplishments, but their wanted people got so bogus things in it that people began to understand the truth.

Kanpur. AB de Villiers, known as Mr. 360, will no longer be seen playing international matches. AB has retired from all formats of cricket. De Villiers is not only good at their own country but also abroad. Especially due to playing IPL in India, the cricket fence here is very respected by AB. As the news of retirement spread, many news reports on social media were not linked to Devilliers. Meanwhile, there was a news that no one knows how many years of getting viral.

The news is that De Villiers is the all-rounder, if yes if you are a fan of De Villiers then you have either heard or read these things that De Villiers are not only cricket but also national champions in other sports such as hockey, football, rugby, and swimming. But its reality is something else.

In 2016, Devilliers wrote a book on all the experiences related to his personal life and career. In this book titled ‘AB: The Autobiography’, DeWiliers also mentioned things that are just a rumor.

First rumor

AB de Villiers has been the National Hockey of South Africa.

De Villiers wrote in his book, that he has never been selected in the South African National Hockey team. Although he has played hockey in school days

Second rumor

De Villiers has played soccer even from South Africa!

AB has completely rejected this fact. In the book, he wrote that he has never been a member of South African National Football Team. Although he got a chance at school, he used to play a little football club with the children in the ground. Apart from this, football has played for warm-up before the cricket match.

The third rumor

De Villiers was the captain of the junior rugby team.

Abby says that he has never played rugby, he never played rugby.

The fourth rumor

De Villiers has received 6 awards at National School Swimming

AB wrote on this point that he had swimming once at the school level. But there is no record of National School Swiming being his name.

The fifth rumor

National Under-19 badminton champions are AB de Villiers.


AB on this rumor writes, ‘If my memory is fast, then I have played badminton only once in my life, along with cricketer Mark Boucher.’