WWE,RAW,Roman Renaiss,Two big matches announced for Raw next week

WWE has announced two major matches for the following week, after the Raw that took place today, the match between Roman Renaiss and The Miz is going to be seen in the match for the IC championship, with Brian Storman facing Raw Tag Team champion Sath Rollins Will singles Apart from this, the match could also be seen in the next week’s match between the Wiseman Champion Alexa Bliss and Mikey James, both of which are debated today.

Let us tell you that after the successful No Mercy PPV, Raw was an episode of the initiative today, which started with Miz TV, where the special guest was Roman Renaiss. In this segment, Midge fiercely criticized the Roman Rance, after which RAW general manager Kurt Angle announced a match between the two.

A good match was seen between the two, at the end of which Roman Rena defeated Mija on her own style. However, after the match, Mizuturaj came and attacked the rear from the rear. Rains tried to blow back the fight, but Curtis Axel and Bow Dallas attacked the chains on the reins. In the end, Midge gave Rance its finisher right over the chair.

Stormin did the thing, when the first beat Kurt Hawkins, and then in the singles match, he faced Dean Ambrose, in which the “Monster Aussie Man” won, and Backstage Alexa Bliss told him that Ronald’s match with Stroman next week. It is possible.

Let me tell you that if next week, Roman Ranes will have a chance to have a special point, if they beat Miz to become the new IC Champion, then they will become the 9th superstar and after doing that ambulance they become the second member of the shield Who would become Grand Slam champion at SummerSlam.