Shahrukh Khan, Suhana Khan,At the age of 18, the National Award has bagged the Starchid

On that day, Shahabuddin Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan celebrated her 18th birthday on Tuesday. Whenever it comes to Bollywood stars, the name of Suhana is taken first. At a very young age, Suhana has made a great stardom, due to which she constantly remains in news. Suhana often remains in the spotlight due to her updated look and her photos on social media are also viral. Today, through this news we are going to tell you some stories about Suhana.

For your information, please tell that Suhana Khan is quite active in sports. They also win many tournaments in school football. Suhana loves football in addition to football, so he is often seen in the IPL with his father Shahrukh Khan. Suhna, who is in discussions because of her glamorous look, is far away from the movies. Suhana is just 18 years old, but she is very fond of wearing expensive clothes. If you know the value of their clothes, then you will be surprised. Recently he was seen wearing millions of T-shirts.

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For your information, let us know that Suhana is a very good writer, which has earned him the respect of the National Award. These days, Sohan is completing his studies in London.