Cricket, South Africa,AB de Villiers’ 10 Test innings, whenever the ball will miss the heart of a dread

AB de Villiers is the star of every format of cricket. Whenever the Test or ODI or T20, whenever you get the opportunity to entertain the fans by doing amazing with the bat. In the early days, the De Villiers’ identity was to be instantly destined for shots, but when he played long-range innings in Test matches, the world saw his class. In the Test matches, this batsman played one classic inning than the other. Seeing their shots, they seem to be combo packs of old and new generation cricket. Let’s read about 10 memorable innings in Test matches.

1. AB de Villiers played his first Test match against England in 2004, but the world saw his first rowdy incarnation on January 11, 2005. In Centurion, De Villiers played 92 against England in the first innings and 109 in the second innings. It was AB’s first Test century.

2. AB de Villiers made his second Test century on 21 April 2005. He scored 178 against the West Indies. By seeing this innings the world knows that it is the ability to play long shifts inside the AB.

3. April 3, 2008: South African team was on the Indian tour. South African batsmen were getting disturbed on the helpful pitches of spinners when AB Distillers surprised everyone after playing an unbeaten 217 in the field of Ahmadabad. It was the first double century of AB.

4. 18 July 2008: AB de Villiers has played 174 runs against England at Leeds ground.

5. March 19, 2009: AB de Villiers has played 163 runs against the Aussie team, which was tied with dangerous balls. In this innings, he had scored 7 sixes.

6. November 20, 2010: AB de Villiers scored an unbeaten 278 in Abu Dhabi against Pakistan and once again realized his strength in the world.

7. January 3, 2012: AB de Villiers has scored an unbeaten 160 in Cape Town against Sri Lanka.

8. November 30, 2012: AB de Villiers again scored more than 150 against Australia against Australia. In this innings, he scored 169 runs with the help of 21 boundaries and three sixes.

9. October 23, 2013: AB de Villiers has played 164 against Pakistan in Dubai. This inning is considered to be important because the fast-bowler De Villiers had played this innings in 374 balls.

10. March 9, 2018: AB de Villiers’s bat has been a little quiet since the year 2015. After this, he tried to tell the world by playing scathing innings of 126 against Australia this year, they still maintain the hunger for runs.

Be aware that AB de Villiers has played 114 Test matches. In this, he has scored 8765 runs at an average of 54.51. He scored 22 centuries and 46 half-centuries.