Name of Shadow Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift in the Billboards Music Awards 2018

Recently the Billboards Music Awards 2018 was organized, in which the names of some big stars of the industry came out. The award was held on Sunday. At this award night, the very best celebrity singer Ed Sheeran has won the title of Top Male Artist. In this episode, singer Taylor Swift named the title of Top Female Artist in her name.

This award was organized in MGM Grand Arena, hosted by Kelly Clarkson. At the beginning of this event, Kelly has paid homage to those killed in firing in Santa Fe’s High School in Texas. Kelly, who is hosting the forum, said, “I am a Texas girl and in my home state many tragic incidents have happened last year and then we are mourning the killing of more children, who were killed unnecessarily. ”

Great and legendary artists such as Sheeran, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, in this award night, made stage performance even more colorful that evening by giving stage performance. Jacket Jackson, who won the icon award due to his first television show in nine years in this episode, also sang his hits. In this evening, Cedric Lemar, Bruno Mars, and Sheeran are staying in this award night with 15-15 nominations in different categories.