IPL 2018 | Kings XI Punjab, Preity Zinta ‘tears’ in the eyes of Co-Owner Preity Zinta

n Africa, who did in Virat’s nose, now, brought the ‘tears’ in the eyes of Preity Zinta. In the last league match of the 11th season of IPL, Chennai defeated Punjab by five wickets and broke their hopes of reaching the playoffs. In this match, Lungi Enigidi has a fantastic display for Chennai.

Pune, In the last league match of the 11th season of IPL, Chennai defeated Punjab by five wickets and broke their hopes of reaching the playoffs. In this match, Suresh Raina and Deepak Chahar’s innings were special for Chennai, while Luigi Enigidi was the best performer in the bowling. The Chennai team, before being bowled superb, restricted Punjab to only 153 runs. After that, this goal was not easy for the Chennai, but MS Dhoni’s team lost five wickets in 19.1 overs to get the match done.

It was very important for Punjab to win this match too with a big margin because of this, a match had already lost to the Delhi team in Delhi and got out of the playoff so that Punjab got an opportunity to reach the playoffs. But winning this was a need of a better runner. When Chennai captain Dhoni decided to bowl tossed up the toss and decided to bowl. It was decided that Punjab would have to win at least 53 runs in this match to reach the playoff, which required the team to score a bigger score.

But Punjab did not start well, and Chris Gayle opened the account without opening the second ball of the first over of the second and the lungi Nigdi and caught out by captain Dhoni in front of the wicket. Captain Dhoni also had a very slow appeal, but even before the umpire’s decision, Chris Gayle led the pavilion. After this, Punjab’s captain sent Aaron Finch to bat fast, but pressure from Lungi’s best bowling effect was that in the next over, caught by Deepak Chahar in the next over, Suresh Raina was standing at the Finch slip. Raina did not make any mistake in catching this great catch.

There was a lot of pressure on the team for losing two wickets on 15 runs in just three overs. After this Luigi Enigid came to his second over. He showed Khel Rahul of Punjab a lot of trouble with his sharp words. But the legendary inswinger of Nigdi could not read the ball properly and be bowled out on the final ball of the over. In this way, the pressure of Lungi came in and 4 overs till the Punjab team lost three wickets on 16 runs only due to heavy pressure, as the two batsmen of the team were running throughout the season and they had returned the pavilion.

Manoj Tiwary and Rishabh’s innings boost Punjab’s score

After this, David Miller, with good shots, pushed the team’s score with Manoj Tiwary and reached the team score of 76 for 11 overs. At that time Miller scored 23 runs on 19 balls and Manoj Tiwary got 35 runs off 29 balls. After that Jadeja hit the first ball of the 12th over with Dhoni caught by Tiwary. In the next over, Dwayne Bravo raised the problems of Punjab bowl David Miller.

After putting on 113 for the 16 overs, Shardul Thakur was the first to bowl the first letter to Patel. After this, Luigi Nigdi, who came to the 18th over, dismissed captain R Ashwin on the first ball. Dhoni caught Ashwin caught After that, Andrew Ti was caught out by the third ball of the same over and caught by Raina. Lange made four wickets in only four runs in his four overs, which was his best performance this season. Dwayne Bravo then removed Karun Nair (54) and Shardul Thakur in the final over to Ankeet Rajput and Punjab put the innings on 153 runs.

Easy target for Chennai too

After this Chennai’s easy-to-aim goal is not easy. In the first six overs, Chennai also lost three wickets for 33 runs, but Suresh Raina and Deepak Chahar, in the 15th over, chased Chennai out of 100 and pulled Punjab out of the playoffs. Chahar scored 39 runs in his 20 balls. After Chahal was dismissed in the 16th over, Dhoni gave the team victory by scoring a six off the first ball of the last over playing together with Raina.

Punjab won the first match in this season and won four consecutive matches after losing the second match and then lost only the last four matches by winning only one match, while this team was the strongest contender for the top of the table in one time.