Krish 4 | Hrithik Roshan | Rakesh Roshan ,Hrithik Roshan gets ‘Bahubali Formula’, now it will become the sequel to Krish

Mumbai. Since SR Rajmouuli has made two parts of Bahubali, many filmmakers have dreamed that they make such a film. Rakesh Roshan has also found the Bahubali formula for his hit Krish Series.

Remember, when Hrithik Roshan celebrated his 44th birthday in January this year, Papa Rakesh Roshan gave him a gift by announcing the fourth part of Krish. It is the news that Krish will now be made in two parts simultaneously as Bahubali. It is said that Krish 4 and Krish 5 are being written simultaneously and will be released together after some gap. Just like Bahubali’s first part was released as The Beginning and the second was named as Conjunction.

During this year’s announcement of agriculture, Rakesh Roshan had told that the fourth link will be on Christmas Eve in 2020. Hrithik is currently working in Super 30. Anup Kumar is running super 30 coaching class. He is also going to work with Tiger Shroff in a film. The farm series started in 2003 but the name of the first part was kept mixed. In 2006, film called Krish, but 2 was not added to its title. In the year 2013, the cultivation of agriculture is 3. The three parts were a hit.

Hrithik Roshan recently said in a program in Mumbai that the preparations for ‘Krish 4’ have already started. Regarding the film, however, he looked away from saying anything. Explaining this, Hrithik Roshan says, ‘Nothing, there is still a lot of time to tell. There are two years now. So far the scripts are working. Much has been locked but still, there is a lot of time. It has started.

‘ On this occasion, Hrithik Roshan told Raj’s body too. Hrithik Roshan says, ‘I work hard at the gym. We also work hard at the gym and do lots of fun too. We have not done such exercises on a single day that after exercising, we should not have felt that we can win the world today, which is a big thing for me.