Facebook | Make Facebook as if democracy is safe, big appeal against FB in America

Since the Cambridge Anilika case, new charges are being raised daily on Facebook. In a fresh case, a US-based social group has asked the Federal Agency to make Facebook even more secure to keep democracy, what does not happen next?

Appeal against the growing monopoly of Facebook and launches anti-campaign

San Francisco (IANS) Since being caught in the data leak case, there is a flurry of accusations on Facebook after one. A team of Progressive Advocacy Group asked the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to break the monopoly of the social media giant in the market and make Facebook secure for democracy. According to Tech Website Acousos, this social group has launched a campaign called Freedom from Facebook, which is being posted on Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram with 6 special data, and people are being told that Facebook’s How much is affecting our lives and we need to avoid its monopoly. This group is also trying to put pressure on FTC to eliminate the monopoly of social media giant Facebook.

This social advocacy group wants FTC to tighten online privacy rules so that people can freely talk and talk freely on such platforms like Facebook. According to TechCrunch’s report, however, Facebook has already become very cautious about user privacy and has also released a privacy guide with it. Which tells how they can streamline Facebook ads by using some extensions on their browser. Also, avoid any kind of spy advertisements.

After the Cambridge Analyca data breach controversy, many investigations and the face of the American Congress-facing Facebook company are still in such a way. According to the Wall Street report in the first quarter, Facebook is doing great racking with revenues of $ 11.97 billion. All the reports are now claiming that even after so many controversies, the confidence of the people by seeing Facebook’s growing business is rising from investigating agencies. Maybe they feel that the Federal Investigation Agency is unable to control the functioning of these tech firms. This is the reason why many groups themselves are launching their campaigns against Facebook itself.