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The date of the return of friend of the Roman Renaissance came in front of me, the big statement by Kurt Angle on Undertaker

Professional Wrestling Legend and WCW Booker Kevin Kevin Sullivan this time as the guest of a rasling radio show. Here he gave his excellent interview. During the interview, he said in the matter that Roman Rena is being done in the same way by bu fence like Hulk Hogan was being done before taking a heel turn. Sullivan said that he has a way from which the Roman Rena can go up and it will take only 8 weeks.

WWE superstars are most liked for their theme song. Winning is a good song. Fans cheer in the same way. From Attitude Era to Modern and PG Era, there are many superstars music that has become memorable for fences. Undertaker’s music is quite spectacular and popular, as soon as his belle fades, the fans also become quiet for a few seconds.

The Undertaker was last seen in the Greatest Royal Rumble PPV. Here was his casket match with Rusev. Last month it was a match. Earlier he had also appeared in WrestleMania 34. Now Fans is thinking that the Undertaker is complete or he will come back again and come for action.

Kurt Angle recently answered questions on Fans on his Facebook page. Here he gave an update about the injuries of former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. In December 2017, in the episode of Monday Night Raw, the Ambrose was beaten badly by Samoa Jo, Shams, and Cesareo in the backstage. After this, he had got tremendous injuries.

In recent reports of Walsalling Inc, it has been said that the WWE SmackDown Live Star Big Cass has been re-admitted. In the live event in Europe, he has been injured in his left knee again. However, in this report, it has also been said that this fact is not fully understood yet. It was said because the matches were followed by the lame in the match after and after that match.

WWE Hall of Fame Kurt Angle answered questions on Fans on his Facebook page. A fan asked him who would be involved in Money in the Bank ladder match. He did this by taking the name of Kevin Owens. He said Kevin Owens can take a long shot here.

Wrestling Observer Radio has written great news about SmackDown Live in its report. According to the report, the expectation is that the show at SmackDown Live can now be 3 hours instead of two hours.

WWE Raw’s live event took place, in which all the Superstars of Red Brand participated. The match for the Intercontinental Championship was at stake in Raw’s Women’s Championship via Fatal 4th. Apart from this, there was a great match for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

SmackDown live event this time in Munich, Germany. All Blue Superstars participated in this event. Once again the club was seen together in the ring. While Daniel Bryan attacked his biggest enemy Brian.