Shah Rukh Khan | Hema Malini | Amisha Patel| Sonam Kapoor, These 3 beautiful actresses hate Shah Rukh Khan, never want to work together

In this colorful world of Bollywood, in the name of King Khan, talk about actor Shahrukh Khan, who has become famous among the people, today he is not at all interested in any introduction between people. Shahrukh Khan, who has emerged as a big star today, has a number of millions of followers. So far, talking about Shahrukh Khan who has worked with many actresses in his Bollywood career, sometimes we have not heard about the dispute related to him.

But today we are going to tell you about such a dispute related to them. Let us tell you that today we will tell you about the actresses who have not liked the King Khan of Bollywood at all. Along with this, he also does not like to do films with them.

Hema Malini

Let’s tell you that the actress who does not like Shah Rukh Khan is no other but Hema Malini, the famous Bollywood actor. It is said that Hema Malini hates Shahrukh Khan a lot. Let me tell you that on the screen when his debut film “Dil Too Easy” came, then that movie was being directed by Hema Malini. When Shahrukh Khan was invited to act in that film, Shahrukh Khan was also stemming along with doing over-acting during that time. Which Hema Malini did not like at all. That is why Hema Malini does not like Shah Rukh Khan at all. Because of not like Shah Rukh Khan, no film has been released on his screen to date.

Amisha Patel

Talking about Ameesha Patel, one of Bollywood’s very hot and bold actresses, so far she has not worked in any film with Bollywood’s King Khan. It is said that he does not always like Shah Rukh Khan at all. Because of this, till now, he has been refusing to work with Shah Rukh Khan. According to Ameesha, the pair of them and Shah Rukh does not fit at all. This is also one of the reasons why Amisha Patel has not been seen acting in any film with Shahrukh so far.

Sonam Kapoor

Talking about the very cute Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, she is known for her style and beauty among the people. Sonam Kapoor does not like acting with actor Shahrukh Khan despite being so much recognized among the people. The reason behind this is that Shah Rukh Khan is told to be significantly older than him. According to him, if he works with Shahrukh in any movie, then people will never like his pair on the screen. That is why Sonam Kapoor still likes to work in films as well as actors of his age.