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The essential news of the day which you need to know is very important. Raw Tag Team Champion (The Dealer of the World) Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy retained the title by defeating (The B Team) Baub Dallas, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater and Rhino in Triple Threat match.

Cruiserweight champion Sandrick Alexander defeated Mustafa Ali.

Jack Rider and Chad Gabel beat Mojo Rowly and Goldust.

Fill Baller won Baron Corbin.

The Fatal 4th match for the Raw Women’s Championship, in which champion Naaya Jacques defeated Alexa Bliss, Bailey and Sasha Banks

Jindar Mahal’s match came against Intercontinental champion Sath Rolins, but Zinda had to face defeat.

Ronda Rousey, Amber Moon, and Natalia defeated Mikey James, Ruby Riot, and Liv Morgan. Ronda forced Mikey James to tap out on his move.

In the main show of the Live Event, Roman Rance defeated Sammy Jane, Kevin Owens, and Samoa, by teaming up with Bobby Lashley and Bron Storman.

While the Greatest Rumble Rumble was expected to win, Ryan’s dream was broken. Although, in the ring, Lesnar has done a lot of condition of the RENS he is also supporting him while going to the UFC with him. “We saw him last time against Mark Hunt, he looked very good According to my age, he is right, I think he should do that again once again, it is also necessary that WWE Superstar should elevate his name in other sports entertainment. I am doing what they are doing. Once again I would like to see Lesnar in the octagon after rasling. ”

WWE.com wrote, “If the Open Challenge is open for everyone, they think that if Ray Misterio come and challenge Sath Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship, Ray Mysterio himself is a fighting intercontinental champion, among these two superstars. The match was over, it would be fantastic.
SmackDown benefit from AJ Stiles and Nakamura match

Shane McMahan and Stephanie McMahan, together with the PACKAC PPV in the year 2016. After that, both the brands were separated and Shane McMahan was made the SmackDown Commissioner. Shane, while keeping his position, continues to bring the bluish match to the Fans to make the Blue brand successful. Shane’s hostility in the WWE was very interesting with Sammy Jane and Kevin Owens. Recently, Shane McMahan’s Hernia has successfully operated. Before this, Shane was admitted to the hospital for this disease. It is reported that some time ago when Shane was celebrating with his family in the Caribbean, the disease was detected.

Titus Worldwright leader Titus O’Neill informed via Twitter that he will soon be seen in some of Marvel’s larger roles. Marvel is the same company, which has made superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Drax The Destroyer, Thor. Titus tweeted, “After six weeks from now I will be ready to get a big goal of life, I am very excited about being a 41-year-old and 122-kg marvel character, this project has nothing to do with WWE is.”
If you remember after WrestleMania 34, then the author of pen debuted in Raw.

WWE | RAW | John Cena, Big news throughout WWE Roman Rena threatened, Nicky Bella told the reason for not marrying Cena
There are two superstars named Akam and Razer in the Author of Pen. Who have redeemed all sixes in the tag team?? But one thing you will not know is that the sum is of Punjabi origin. She is a Canadian Professional Wrestler. And their real name is sunny. On May 20, 1993, he was born in British Columbia. Akam’s parents are Sikhs. You will also be surprised to learn that the Akademi speaks a lot of good Punjabi. Not only in the WWE, but also in Punjabi style. He has warned in the Punjabi style Money in the Bank.

Jericho had recently fought against NJPW superstar Canyo Omega in the Wrestle Kingdom. During the 25th anniversary of Raw and the Greatest Royal Rumble, Jericho was seen in the WWE. During his interview, Chris Jericho, talking about his return to WWE, showed that he wanted to fight with whom now. “It would be good to work against Brian Storman, it would be great to fight Daniel Brian, I can work against any of these two, I also like Roman Renaissance and Sath Rollins, but it needs a good story. If you get a good story then it will work well with them.

Money in the Bank PPV will be organized next month. There will be two ladder matches in this. Both of these matches will decide who will pay cash later in both the Man and the Women’s Division. But there is another rumor that the third ladder match will also be there. And these matches will be for the tag team championship. KJSite Sheets has written this in their report.
WWE | Royal Rumble |SmackDown,Randy Orton, WWE’s European tour revealed the reason for Randy Orton’s absence When will Randy Orton be seen on TV?

According to Dave Meltzer of the >Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 13 times before WWE Champion Randy Orton has not been hurt but has not been on a European tour for the second reason. Randy Orton is now working on a lightweight schedule in WWE. Meltzer believes that 38-year-old Randy Orton is working on the Limited Schedule in WWE. Randy Orton has attended very live events since last year and there is no information at this time about when she will return to the TV.