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In the home series against Pakistan, England Test captain Jota Root will possibly win the one-day position, and he wants to take over his batsmen more responsible for the batting line.

Talking to the media at the launching ceremony of the 2018 kit England, Root said, “I think there is a possibility of getting a chance to win on one side as well as my responsibility,” said England. Will grow

JavedWhat said he experienced Captain for a year and now he feels comfortable to bring himself to this position, now he has been able to pay attention to his betting with Kapitani, both of them. Want to be separated, when he goes to the ground, he will be in full batsman, he said that a major reason for the series in Australia and New Zealand has not been performing performances from the English top order.
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The England captain added that I have batted third in a game in New Zealand, although there was no success I now consider the best opportunity for growth in the batting order in the coming home series. I do not want to make a change in my style betting, I just like to make runs and play big innings.

Root co-chaired by Batsman Jones Butler said that he has been very special for us in One Day and Twenty20 and he has played a great inning on many important occasions to help the team win, but now he also has the opportunity to test in Test cricket. It’s important, I’m sure they’ll be able to get their lessons in the long format too.