WWE | Royal Rumble |SmackDown,Randy Orton, WWE’s European tour revealed the reason for Randy Orton’s absence When will Randy Orton be seen on TV?

WWE Raw and SmackDown’s superstars have been touring different countries in Europe since last 10 days and there are live events. We are giving you information about all the live events happening in Europe. You must have noticed that Randy Orton’s name does not appear in these live events matches. Actually, Randy Orton has not gone on a tour of Europe with the rest of WWE’s superstars.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 13 times before WWE Champion Randy Orton has not been hurt but has not been on a European tour for the second reason. Randy Orton is now working on a lightweight schedule in WWE. Meltzer believes that 38-year-old Randy Orton is working on the Limited Schedule in WWE. Randy Orton has attended very live events since last year and there is no information at this time about when she will return to the TV.

In 2018, Randy Orton has won a total of matches. He had won the US Championships with Bobby Rood in WWE Fastlane PPV, and he landed as champion in WrestleMania 34. There was a Fatal 4 match between Bobby Rood, Rusev, Jindar Mahal and Randy Orton in WrestleMania. Jindar Mahal became the US Champion in WrestleMania. The last time Randy Orton was seen in the WWE in the Backlash PPV on May 6, where he had a match with Jeff Hardy for the US Championships.
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The Wiper Randy Orton has been in WWE for 16 years. He has acquired everything in the company, which is expected to see a wrestler. She has also headlined the 13-time WWE Champion, Royal Rumble Winner, Money in the Bank Winner and WrestleMania. Randy Orton is currently playing the role of a face wrestler in the WWE.