Sonam Kapoor’s fame on changing the surname, then angry anger – no one talked about changing the name of Anand

After the marriage of Sonam Kapoor, many people have criticized the decision to rename, but the actress believes that she decided to surname her husband with her own will. The actress said that her husband Anand Ahuja also changed her name after marrying but no one has talked about it. Sonam married Anand on May 8 in Mumbai. Immediately after the marriage, he changed his name to social media accounts. Ahuja ‘. Many of his movements had criticized the fact that such a patriarchal step was taken by his feminist personality.

In the video interview given by the ear, Sonam said that she has always been feminist and the choice to change her name is not hers nor anyone else’s Sonam was on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival for cosmetic brand Laurel. Bollywood actress said, “Kapoor is also my father’s name, it is also a man’s name in a way, I chose to adopt both of them, Anand changed my name but nobody wrote me about that. But decided to do this because he is my platform to say that I have chosen something with my own will. ”

Anand also changed his name on Instagram to ‘S’ before Ahuja. Sonam said, “It is my personal choice that no one has placed a gun on my head, you should ask him (Anand), he also changed his name and decided to put something in the name. Feminism means equal opportunity and its Freedom to do things freely. If I want to change my name or not want to change it then it is my own choice. ”

There are reports that Sonam will stay in London after marriage, but the actress said that she had been visiting and going between London and Mumbai even earlier, she would not have any problem with it.