FIFA World Cup,In the FIFA WC manual how to tell flirt girls from Russian girls

In Russia, the? FIFA World Cup will begin next month. However, Argentina’s team has already come to the dispute before. Argentina Football Association has released a disputed manual for the World Cup in Russia.

The Argentina Football Association has issued a manual for the World Cup, and a chapter in it relates how to attract or attract Russian girls? This manual was given to those journalists who are going to cover the World Cup this year.

This disputed manual was shared by the Argentine Football Association in a workshop with the reporters. After this, a reporter Nacho Cato shared it on social media. Following this, the African Football Association was criticized for sharing anti-female manuals. After this, in the middle of the course, the Argentina Football Association has returned the manual and removed that disputed chapter. Although this was done on whose tip it was not clear.

Let you know that the struggle for women’s rights in Argentina continues. Recently, the biggest protests in the history of the country have been concluded in the capital for the demands of women’s rights and the need to reduce violence. At the same time, after the protest, the Argentine Football Association has apologized and said that an investigation is going on in this regard.

In this manual of the Argentina Football Association, all the rules have been written in very straightforward manner. At the beginning of the manual itself it has been written that the women of Russia are beautiful, so every man wants to have a physical relationship with them.

To attract Russian girls in this manual, Argentina’s journalists were advised to look good and wear good clothes. Giving feedback in the manual, it was said that do not joke about sex with Russian women. Sex is a private issue for Russians and they do not talk about it in public.

At the same time, the mentor of Argentina asks the journalists to start soon to persuade any Russian woman. According to the manual, , Russian women prefer men who prefer themselves first. If there is no confidence, the manual has been given the opinion to start preparations soon.

The people of Argentina were told in the manual that they have chances to spur women there compared to Russian men. According to the manual, because Russian women do not know much about Argentina, in this they will be more attracted to them.

The people of Argentina have been asked to be cleared in the manual and they were told that they laid their eyes on those women who could be trapped in their trap. It was also said that many Russian women care only about money and beautiful faces.

The Argentina Football Association said that the disputed chapter has been removed. It has not been clear yet that this chapter was included by whom.

Its final will be played on July 15. The first match of the tournament, semi-finals and final matches will be played at Moscow’s Luzniki Stadium. There is a seat of about 80 thousand people in this stadium. The tournament, which will last about a month, will take part in 32 teams, which will play 64 games in 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia.