WWE | RAW | John Cena, Big news throughout WWE Roman Rena threatened, Nicky Bella told the reason for not marrying Cena

The last two episodes of WWE Raw have seen hostility between Roman Renaissance and Jindar Mahal. In this week’s RAW, the Roman Rena did not once have to kill Jindar Mahal. Now Jindar Mahal has threatened the Roman Rance before RAW next week. WWE has shared a video of Jindar Mahal on Instagram.

WWE veteran Steve Austin recently responded to Roman Rena’s Heel Turn on a podcast. In which he had said that if Roman ranges become heel then it will be better. Now, the Roman Rena has responded to Austin by giving the interview on The Express on the UK tour.

Nicky Bella and John Cena are one of WWE’s most famous in pairs. Whoever stays outside the ring or inside, someone takes some headlines in some way. Recently Nicky Bella and Brie Bella appeared on a show to promote their shows ‘Total Bellas’. According to a report by Walsalling Inc., while speaking on the life with Kelly and Ryan show, Nicky Baila explained why he canceled the marriage scheduled for May 5 with John Cena on May 5.

This time SmackDown was in London. This show was held between the main enemy AJ Stiles and Shinseki Nakamura. This match was for the condition to be kept in a match held in Money in the Bank. On the other hand, SmackDown has gained a lot of rewards from the main event match. Last week’s ratings were the lowest of the year.

You must have seen WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Rance in almost all the matches using Moves like Spear, Superman Punch, Drive Bye, Samoan Drop, Shoulder Tackle, Throat Thrust, Powerbomb, in the ring. But you must have never imagined that why the Roman Ranes did not use high-flying and submissions moves like the rest of WWE’s racers.

WWE live event this time in Geneva, Switzerland. This live event featured the company’s largest wrestler. From the RAW tag team championship, the titles of the championships and Intercontinental titles are also worth a bet.