SmackDown benefit from AJ Stiles and Nakamura match

This time SmackDown was in London. This show was held between the main enemy AJ Stiles and Shinseck Nakamura. This match was for the condition to be kept in a match held in Money in the Bank. On the other hand, SmackDown has gained a lot of rewards from the main event match. Last week’s ratings were the lowest of the year.

Due to the change of time, WWE had already taped RAW and SmackDown. SmackDown last week received very few entries from 2.293 points. Ratings such as this were pegged last year. But this time SmackDown has benefited greatly due to the strong main event. This time SmackDown will get 2.298 million viewers. Although this is not a very good digit yet it is better than last week.

In this week’s SmackDownon, Daniel Bryan first attacked Big Cass, while Carmela celebrated his victory but the page was broken by Page. Page declares that Carmela will defend her title against Money laundering in the money in the bank, against record-breaking former Champion Asuka.

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With this, the main event was champion AJ Stiles and Shinseck Nakamura. Even after giving three times the opportunity for the title, there are no results in them. The match was kept on the lines of Money in the Bank. The winning superstar was the best for the MITB. The match was fantastic and Nakamura won the match. With this win, Shinsky has the chance to keep a match.

Well, Nakamura has not announced its condition but due to this great fight of the legends, the Blue brand has become beneficial. Now, to see how SmackDown brings to the front of the episode fans before Money in the Bank.