IPL | IPL 2018 | KXIP | Preity Zinta| VIP treatment is not available in IPL match, minister goes off the stadium

In the 11th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders at Indore’s Holkar Stadium on May 14. In this match, Punjab had to taste the controversy with the karate of defeat in the hands of Kolkata. It is being told that the officers of the administration had returned the complimentary tickets given by the Punjab franchisees for this match.

In the Madhya Pradesh government, School Education Minister Vijay Shah also came to know about the dispute with the officials in this match. At the same time, the franchise co-owner Preity Zinta had alleged in a press conference a few days ago that he could not cope with Indore administration. Let us tell you that the Punjab franchise has made the Holkar Stadium its second homegrown for IPL matches.

School Education Minister, Vijay Shah, in Madhya Pradesh Government, reached Monday (May 14th) with his family in Indore to watch IPL matches from Bhopal. It is being told that the administration had given the gallery tickets to Minister Vijay Shah. When Vijay Shah went to the VIP gallery inside the gate, he was stopped by security guards present there. Withholding, the minister Vijay Shah got bogged down. They narrated the officials of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) officials and police officers. Although the officers tried very hard to convince them, they did not accept and left from there.

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Three-way to go to the stadium and lock on the parking lot
On the second day of the dispute in the stadium on Tuesday (May 15), the administration closed the two gate which was made to go to the stadium from the Vivekananda school. Also locked on the gate near accessible toilets During the match, Sandhy Agrawal Gate, made at Vivekananda school, goes to the viewer stadium. At the same time, there is another gate for the MPCA officials nearby. It is being told that after the order of Minister Vijay Shah, both the gates have been closed. Along with this, car parking in the school grounds has also been closed.

Troubles occur to three days – School Principal
Collector Nishant Varvade says that the use of the school premises will be processed after an an an investigation. At the same time, the principal of the school says that with the children studying in school, teachers also have problems due to match. The arrival and stay for three days are interrupted. He said that many times teachers are also barred.
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The franchisee said- coordination required
At the same time, the Kings XI Punjab franchise has alleged that police and administrative systems are not co-operative. Here in each match, the officials ask for a ticket of 60 to 70 lakh rupees. The franchisee believed that during the match, the DIG contributed a lot. The franchise says that synergy with everyone is important. Significantly, the franchisees returned tickets to angry officers and police department franchisees.