German footballers criticized the image of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan

Germany’s football federation has criticized its two players for posting photos with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish-born German footballers met Turkey’s President at a hotel in London and gave them their signed signals. Mouset Azale, who played for the ordinance, wrote on the shirt that ‘my respect is very honorable for the President.’

Remember that President Erdogan is campaigning for those elections in June in Turkey. Other German players also play for Gaveau GmbH Manchester City.

The two players are taking part in the World Cup in the next month in Russia, and Germany is being declared as the World Cup in the World Cup, while Turkey is unable to qualify for World Cup competitions.

Many German politicians condemned the movements of these players and raised questions on Germany’s democratic values ​​and patriotism. President of the Football Federation of Germany said, “Football and Dutch football federations support all the values ​​that President Erdogan does not value much.

‘That’s why it is not right that our international players should get themselves in their election campaign.’ The director of the Dutch Football Federation said, ‘None of these two is aware of the symbolic significance of this image but it is clear that it is not correct and we will talk to them.’

Remember that Tayyip Erdogan played in Istanbul in his career in the ninth decade……