PSL3:Karachi Kings defeat Quetta’s Gladiators by 19 runs

Dubai: In the second match of Pakistan Super League, Quetta Gladiators fell on the eighth wicket of 122 runs in pursuit of 150 runs.

Quetta’s Gladiators are batting in the second match of the PSL being played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Quetta Gladiators lost the first loss of 4 when Shane Watson scored a run. On the first over of the third over, Imad Waseem also quoted Asad Shafiq as the second opener of Quetta.

Quetta’s experienced player Kevin Pietersen scored 6 runs on 15 for the first time, with Ravi Bopara. On the overall score of 45, the aggressive moodle batsman Rally Ross made 18 runs and became a victim of Umad Waseem.

Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of Quetta Gladiators, could not even bat for more time and made only 7 runs to Shahid Afridi’s ball to LBW. Shahid Afridi took Omar Amin out of the 31st innings on a boundary with a stunning catch. Mohammad Nawaz also scored 30 runs for 20 balls while Mohammad Amir scored out on the wicket. Mohammad Ali also did not perform for a long time and made 10 runs for 10 balls while Taylor Mill was dismissed.

Earlier, Karachi Kings captain Umad Waseem won the toss and decided to bat first, Joa Danley and Khurram Pathan started the innings. The opener batsman, who scored the innings, took 34 runs on the first wicket, and Joe Dannie scored 14 runs with 14 runs. On the basis of 57 runs, Babar Azam scored 10 runs and Rahmat Ali got out on the wicket.

On the overall score of 83, Khurram passed out on 39 balls by 35 runs. After Khurram passed out, Colin Angham and Ravi Bopara scored his team’s score by 131 runs while Colin Anagram took 41 runs for 21 balls. After the innings of the innings, Bopara also made 24 runs out after one run. On the contingency 138, Karachi Kings captain Umad Waseem scored 2 runs and Sarfraz Ahmed got out of the wicket.

Shahid Afridi made 4 wickets for 8 balls while Shane Watson bowled out on the ball while Shane Watson on the next ball was also wicket Irfan Khan Junior. Mohammad Rizwan scored Watson on the third over of the last over when Watson scored him behind the wickets on the next ball.

After Quetta Gladiators, Anwar Ali and Archer gave two, when Shane Watson got out of three. Both the Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators failed to win the title, but the head of Quetta led by Sarfraz Ahmed was successful in reaching the final in the two editions.

In view of the PSL3, Imad Wadim is leading Karachi Kings for the first time and Shahid Afridi is also part of the team who has represented and led Peshawar Zalmai in the season. The spectacular and colorful start of the Pakistan Super League tour.

The third edition of PSL third began with the match between the defending champions Peshawar Zalmai and Multan Sultan who debuted in the event. Multan Sultan successfully opted for the opening match of PSL Thari after the opening game of Shanda. It will be believed that 34 matches will be played in Pakistan Super League and event eventual matches will be held on March 20 and 21st in Lahore and the final will be played in Karachi on March 25.