WWE: Seth Rollins created history in the Gonnetlet match at RAW

Arizona (US): Before the Elimination Chamber PPV, Raw’s last show was in Arizona’s Phoenix. In this, the fans got to see a fantastic Gauntlett match that lasted about 2 hours. In this match, Roman Ranes, Seth Rollins, John Cena, Elias, Finn Buller, The Miz and Braun Storman took part. These are all superstars who will participate in the Chamber match in PPV.

Sath Rolins showed tremendous performance in the match and made history in the ring for about one hour. Taking 1 hour to the ring, he did the trick, which could not make another superstar in the past 25 years of RAW history. This information was given by WWE through its official account. He also Eliminated superstars like Roman Renaissance and John Cena.

The match begins with two members of Shield Roman Rens and Seth Rollins. Both of them showed a great synergy, but in the end, the Rollins were heavily over the reins and eliminated them with this match. After that John Cena came in the ring and he also tried to give a tough fight to the Rollins, but Rollins also cemented Cena with the match. After taking Cena out, Elias participated in the match and after all, he managed to pin the Rollins.

Eliisa Eliminated by giving Drift to Sath Rollins, but soon after that FIN Beller Eliminate Elias. It seemed as if Finn Baller will win the match, but Misguy managed to get him out of the match due to Mizturaj’s interference. Brian Storman, who came as the last contestant in the match, got the victory, who defeated the IC Champion The Miz.

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