Science|Health|Increase in risk of excessive use of soft drinks

Massachusetts: If you are a female or a man, but if you are a child, you should reduce the use of soft drinks for normal and bring it to normal. American experts have said after a major survey that the use of sweet soup beverages on daily basis reduces the ability to become a father, and women are also likely to get pregnant. This research journal is published in the latest episode of “epidemiology”.

Experts have said that men and women have the effect of their lifestyle and nutrition that also affects their parents. In the last 50 years, ordinary Americans’ Thanksgiving foods grew unusual, out of which one-third of the increase in the food are sweet carbohydrates. Usually, the use of soft drinks is increasing the weight of Americans and is also causing diabetes.

Earlier, many investigations have shown that soft drink women are severely affecting men’s substances (sperm) inadequate months. In addition, earlier, experts have discovered the connection between the software of soft drinks and reproductive processes.

Scientists from Boston University School of Public Health incorporated 3,828 women and their husbands 21 to 45 years from the United States and Canada. Lifestyle, diet and medical records were seen in this survey. In this, a questionnaire was filled every two months after the women, and they were also asked for pregnancy and for the last 12 months, those women were reviewed.

Experts surveyed data at the end of the survey, saying that whether men or women drink more than one of the soft drinks then their parent’s chance of becoming monthly is reduced by 20 percent.

Women who had a daily note of a glass soft drink p on a monthly basis were noted less than 25%. While this rate was reported to 33% in men. The women and gentlemen did not use soft drinks.

However, the doctors have warned that their investigation should be considered as a warning because the number of people in it is very low. Doctors insist that reproductive health is affected by soft drinks, so it is better to stay away from sweet soda.

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