‪2018 Winter Olympics|Winter Games, Norway occupy 11 gold medals,

On the 10th day of the Winter Olympics Games, more 3 gold medals were decided in which Norway won more than 2 titles and maintained gold at the top position by number 11 gold medals. Germany has still ranked 10 gold medals, Norway’s Howard Lorentzon set the Olympic record in the Men’s 500m Speed ​​Skating, and took the title of 34.41 seconds, surprised everyone, South Korea hosted McChrystal’s name is the Silver Medal.

China’s three yuan ago won the right to the medal. Canada and Germany jointly win the gold medal in the Men’s 2 Main Bubseleague event, Canada’s winner team consisted of Justin Crapps and Alexander Coppez, while the 10th Gold in Germany’s event The medal winner, Francois Friedrich, and Torsten Marges, kept Lautia on the brotherhood medal, his team consisted of Oscarcour Melbourne, Jeans Stranger and Domains.

Norway won its medal in Men’s its jumping event, Germany won silver and Poland bronze medals, Kamal Stoch, who joined the Polish team, named the second medal in the recent games, as well as America in the Women’s Ice Hockey Final Finland defeated the 5-0 outclass while the Canadian team replaced Russia with 5-0 in the final.

The quarterly round of the Curling Women event, the United States defeated Denmark with an exciting and sensational competition 7-6, the Japanese team played 8-3 in the lead, South Korea hosted the squad with 7-6, Sudan. The Russian team scored 11-2 victory over Swat, the United Kingdom defeated Switzerland 8-7, Russia won 8-7 against Denmark, the US dropped China from 10-4, Japan’s 5- Everybody with 4

The South Korea team defeated Italy 8-6 in the Men’s event, Switzerland secured 10-3 against the squad, the United States dropped Canada 9-7, the UK dominated 7-6 on Denmark did it. The French Scarquoko, who was abusive by the journalist, was sent back to the country

During the Chang Chang Games, French Alpine Sketch Matthew Fauer, who was abusive by the journalist, was sent back to the country. He was in the seventh number of Men’s Genet Santalum, after the race he was insulted by the journalist when he was asked about the game.

David Chester, director of the French Men’s skating, says Matthew has been sent back to the homeland on Dispensary basis, and we have been following the policy of non-reliance on Dispute matters during these games.

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