Wats app|The etched app’s delicious message does not actually end

The etched app’s delicious message does not actually end. New York, The messaging message delivered in the most popular messaging application of the Wats app does not end exactly and it is available to the person who repeats.

What is a revelation revealed by a leading website that has been proven not to be useful despite the introduction of Delite feature last year? A screen shortage has been told that a user delays the message within a specified time, but when the other person returned it, he was present with the delicious text.

The Web site says that the mess-in message in Wat’s app group and private chat box used in Android and Windows smartphones does not actually end but instead of the duplication, the text remains present. Is.
Wats app did not respond to this feature error, and after being disclosed, users are chatting carefully.

It is clear that the Wats app introduced the Delite feature, which could send a message sending a message within 7 minutes and the message ended with the sender and recipient if it was a delete.

This feature group and private employer used to chat, but only users who send and receive it can use the new version of the Wats app or updating the old version.

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