Tennis|Roger Federer, has hit another milestone, Unread Frederick

Unread Frederick, Roger Friedrich, who has been released by Switzerland Maine Tennis player, has hit another milestone. When Frieders fall on the field, some records are recorded in their name. Now another unique record has been registered for Friedrich.

Roger Federer is currently 36 and is the world’s first tennis player who has ranked the first position in global rankings. Nadal has reached the second place as the first place of Friedrich’s occupation.

Friedrich is currently scattering herself in the Rotterdam Open. In the quarter-finals of the tournament, he played the Robin Hesse in Holland. Six, six One six Beat one With this win, Friedrich won the first position in global rankings.

It is clear that before Frederick, this record was Andrea Auchi’s name. Aajasi did this work in 33 days in 2003 for 33 days. It is noteworthy that last year Frederick Ranksk ranked 17th but in the past one year, he performed a wonderful game. Frederick had also occupied the first Grand Slam held in 2018.

On this occasion, Frederick said that after kneading surgery in February 2016 he did not even think he would reach the first position in global rankings, but due to his work hard he was able to reach once again. Have found

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