2018 Winter Olympics|Olympics|Yun Sang became the first Asian sketchon champion

Yun Sang became the first Asian sketchon champion. South Korea Yunnan Bin made history as Asia’s first Olympic sketching champion.

Yunnan Singh acquired another gold medal in the recent games for the country. Hosts Crowd was also very happy on his victory, Yun presented Performances for 3 minutes 20.55 seconds in his four races, Russia’s Nikita Tragovyov won the silver medal.

Dom Parrison took the lead in the medal, but he managed to get the first medal in Britain for 70 years, in the Alpine Skiing, Leadership Flalom event, Friedie Hansdotteer of Goldland won the gold medal, Switzerland’s Wendy Hollender silver, whereas the Catherine of Austria Gill Holber made a bronze medal on the bronze medal. Austrian Muteice Meyer won the first position in the Men’s Super “G” event.

Beat Fuse finished second and Kateel Jenser finished at third place. Dario Cologne won the gold medal in the 15-kilometer-minute main event of the Cross-country skiing, and the semin Hague Castor Chris won the silver medal, while Dennis Spotsso found a branded medal, freestyle scheduling. Belarus’s Hosekova, a gold medal, named in the Leaders’ Awards event.

Italy’s Zhang Zin silver, while the second Chinese skiing cone won the bronze medal at the Ladies’ Snowboard Cross event, Italy’s Machila Mullio in London, France, Julia, while the bronze medal of the Republic Czech Eva Samakova, named Bronze Skating. In the Ladies’ 5,000-meter event, Emily Weser of the Netherlands won the first position, the Czech Republic’s Martina Sibelkova silver, while Natalia Vorora Nina of Russia cleaned the hands on the brilliant medal. The seventh day of the game also played with Germany 9 gold medals. Tongkie Lion Heart beat Tuftoafo Cadbowski 114th no

Tongue’s Patta Tuftoafo debuted in Winter Games on Friday, despite getting too cold at the inaugural ceremony, he got the attention of everyone without having to wear a shirt, in his event, he shared with all the clothes and essential protective equipment. The number 114 in the Cross Country, event Swiss ski Daro Cologne won, Tiftoffo and the difference between them were 23 minutes, 34-year-old Tuftoffe said that I’m very happy to finish the long run.

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